Between May 14th-16th, 2019, South Muntenia Regional Development Agency, as a partner in the ClusterFY project, organized the VIIth Meeting of the Steering Committee and the Interregional Workshop of the project in Pitesti, Arges County and Bucharest.

The aim of these actions was to present to the partners of ClusterFY project how the cluster policies are being implemented in Romania, while a study visit was organized at the Research Institute for Fruit Growing Pitesti - Maracineni, an active member of the IND AGRO POL Cluster. In this context, the presentation of experimental fields related to the Institute, as well as research laboratories where fruit trees are being produced and in which new varieties of fruit trees and shrubs are created, were accompanied by ICDP Director Mihai COMAN remarks.

Also, during this visit, Cornelia MURARU, Manager of the IND AGRO POL Cluster and Adrian SANDU, General Secretary of the Romanian Automobile Manufacturers Association had the opportunity to present important milestones from the two cluster’s activities.

On the second day of the event, the South Muntenia Regional Development Agency with “CLUSTERO - Cluster Association in Romania” support, offered to the partners the opportunity to participate at the European Cluster Conference 2019, organized at the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, in the context of the Romanian Presidency to the Council of the European Union.

On May 16th, the Interregional Workshop on cluster policy learning and synergies between other European projects and programs (between INTERREG Europe and Danube Transnational Program) were organized. At the same time, the partners participated on the process of internationalization and scaling of SMEs debate, moderated by Emin Akcaoglu, professor at Beykent University, Istanbul, Turkey

The event gathered members from the project implementation team from the eight partner countries, namely: Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Spain, Poland, Slovakia and Greece, as well as relevant stakeholders interested in reviewing the cluster policies.