The first Interregional ClusterFY Seminar in the Northern Netherlands was held on 17-18 October

2017. During the seminar European partners of the Interreg Europe ClusterFY project, together with

the Northern Netherlands stakeholders and experts became acquainted with the clusters and

innovation networks in the region. The seminar was moderated by Emily Wise, consultant and

research fellow, IEC AB and Lund University. Inspiring environments at the Zernike Campus such as

the Energy Barn and Energy Academy were the playground for inspiring presentations, panel

discussions and Worldcafé sessions.

The Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN) organized the seminar in close collaboration with Energy

Valley, who carry out a project with clusters within Interreg North Sea (Northern Connections).

Because of this collaboration, the seminar brought together 15 European regions, which contributed

to more knowledge development, cross-overs and interregional opportunities.

Welcoming remarks

Eise van der Sluis, CEO Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN)

Energy Valley

Gerrit van Werven, CEO Energy Valley

Presentation EnTranCe: Centre of Expertise Energy

Dr. Ir. Jan-Jaap Aué, CEO EnTranCe

Presentation Fostering Clusters’ Interregional Collaboration and Integration into International Value Chains

Rima Dijkstra, ClusterFY project coordinator MITA (Lithuania)

Presentation Northern Connections

Alex Søgaard Moreno, Aarhus Minicipality (Denmark)

Presentation Cluster Policy Trends and latest EU priorities

Emily Wise, Consultant and Research Fellow, IEC AB and Lund University

Panel discussion 1: Cluster Strategies and Policy Development

- Cluster strategies and development of cluster policies

- Interregional collaboration and smart specialization (ERDF)

- Role of European regions in the clusters policy and development


- Henrik Bjerregaard, CEO CLEAN Cluster (Denmark)

- Gerrit van Werven, CEO Energy Valley (Netherlands)

- Christina Leucuta, Senior Advisor CLUSTERO-Romanian Clusters Association (Romania)

- Anu Manickam, Researcher of Cluster dynamics and Regional Development, Hanze University

of Applied Science (Netherlands)

Presentation Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)

Vilma Puriene, Director of Knowledge and Technologiy Transfer Centre of Vilnius Gedimias Technical

University (Lithuania)

Panel discussion 2: How to enhance the competitiveness of clusters an their members SMEs

through their employment of KETs and involvement into innovative value chains

- Kets and cross sectorial linkages

- Innovative value chains

- Building opportunities


- Hans Praat, Region of Smart Factories (Netherlands)

- Anu Manickam, Researcher of Cluster dynamics and Regional Development, Hanze University

of Applied Science (Netherlands)

- Gerard Berendsen, Expert on Value Chains and owner of Twente Quality Centre (Netherlands)

- Vaidas Gricius, Director of the Industry and Trade Department at the Ministry of Economy (Lithuania)