The Northern Netherlands Alliance, known in Dutch as Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN), has been the governmental voice of the united Northern Netherlands Provinces – Drenthe, Fryslân and Groningen and the four large cities in this region; Groningen, Leeuwarden, Emmen and Assen – for more than twenty years. The overriding aim of the alliance is to strengthen the economy of the Northern Netherlands.  

SNN works together with businesses, knowledge institutions, public organizations and other government agencies in the Netherlands and other countries. SNN brings parties together and fosters innovation. It also spurs innovation with subsidies as much as it can. 

Why are we partner in this project? 

SNN has been designated as a managing authority for EU regional development funding. In this capacity SNN administers and allocates central government and EU Funds that are meant to strengthen the regional economy.

In the Northern Netherlands, 95% of companies are SME’s. These can be divided in leaders, developers, early adopters, and followers. Most SME’sin the Northern Netherlands can be classed as followers. Despite that many SME’s have ideas and are open to innovation, the lack of knowledge, time, financial resources and/or human capital means it is difficult for them to actually innovate.

Clusters are of great importance to stimulate and facilitate the support of individual SME’s and collaboration activities. Especially activities which are related to cross-cutting technologies and cross-region cooperation. To support this development, the Northern governments can make use of regional or national policy instruments in order to facilitate clusterization processes and improve cluster policies.

At the end of the project SNN wants to improve the operational ERDF programme to make it more effective to stimulate innovation within the region. By exchanging knowledge and experiences with the other partners within this project.

Communication lead partner

Within the project SNN is both project partner and Communication leader. Therefore we are responsible for the overall communication about the ClusterFY P.

Host of the first peer review and practice analysis meeting

SNN will host the first interregional seminar on 16 October till 18 October 2017. This event will focus on the interregional cooperation, KET’s, cluster policies/processes and the role of ERDF and smart specialization.