Project good practices

An example of cooperation within the Stakeholder Group of the...

Summary: Establishment of the Working Group among the stakeholders with aim to cooperate on preparation of De minimis Cluster Support Scheme.

Location: Západné Slovensko,

Transformation of the regional focus from metallurgy to...

Summary: Transformation from heavy industries to IT industry-way of eco-friendlier development which creates new jobs and increases the quality of life in region Košice.

Location: Východné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)

Increasing the competitiveness of members of the Slovak Plastic...

Summary: The aim is to create conditions for the integration of clusters at national/international level in order to increase the potential of their value chains.

Location: Západné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)

Open Innovation Call

Summary: The Call is an innovative ERDF instrument that puts objectives first rather than activities. Because it doesn’t define actions in advance, it is flexible.

Location: Groningen,

The IND-AGRO-POL Cluster – model of collaboration between...

Summary: A network bringing together farmers, SMEs, large companies and research institutes, contributes to the introduction of KETs in developing of innovative farms

Location: Sud - Muntenia,

Technopolis SA

Summary: The first private ICT Business Park in Greece providing state of the art infrastructure.

Location: Κεντρική Μακεδονία, Greece (Ελλαδα)

Development of digital IoT services in North Mid Sweden

Summary: A Digital IoT platform developed by the company HIAB together with researcher and university is available for partners in the Hydraulic cluster and students.

Location: Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)

Fiber Optic Valley a regional innovation node for digital...

Summary: This good practice demonstrates how a cluster organisation support the digitalization of the industrial SME in the region of North Middle Swe

Location: Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)

NEC: From fear of losing jobs in the region, into a front-runner...

Summary: New Energy Coalition (NEC) is a knowledge and network organisation striving for a sustainable world by accelerating the energy transition.

Location: Groningen, Netherlands (Nederland)

Water Alliance: A cluster becomes part of an innovation chain...

Summary: Water Alliance, an active network organisation for businesses in the water technology and part of an unique ecosystem, Water Campus.

Location: Friesland (NL), Netherlands (Nederland)

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