On 11 June 2019 Vision 2030, the Strategic Plan for Research, development and Innovation of the small and medium shipyards was presented.  The event included the participation of:  

- Ms Eva Pando, the General Director of IDEPA (Economic Development Agency of Asturias);

- Ms Eva Mª Novoa Rojas, the General Director of FCT SOERMAR ;

- Mr Alfonso M. Carneros Lozano, Technical Director of FCT Soermar ;

- Mr Galo Gutierrez Monzonís, General Director of Industry and of Small and Medium Enterprises, Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

Within the framework of the Agenda of the naval sector, VISION 2030, the document that develops the technological aspects was presented with an action plan in the medium-term and with the strategic objective of coordinating, integrating and unifying European policy against international competition, with a strong focus of the European Union. 

Presentation of the Document Vision 2030

The naval industry and shipyard activities are a very important part of the maritime industries and have an important role in the Clipper Project. In Asturias, there are two shipyards of medium size. One of them carries out an important activity related to the building of ships for the offshore industry which is correlated with the main maritime industry that is studied in the Clipper Project in the case of Asturias. 

The agenda of the event included:  

o Welcome and inauguration of the Day by Ms. Eva Pando Iglesias. General Director of the IDEPA ;

o International context of the strategic Research and Development Plan of the medium and small shipyards with Dª Eva Mª Novoa Rojas. General Director of FCT Soermar;

o Technological actions of the strategic Research and Development Plan of the Medium and Small Shipyards with D. Alfonso M. Carneros Lozano. Technical Director of the FCT Soermar; 

o Support lines for companies of the Ministry of Industry Tourism and Commerce and closure of the Act with D. Galo Gutiérrez Monzonís. Director General of Industry and SMEs.