CLIPPER was mentioned as an important work process in the context of several key maritime Conferences and meetings on the blue economy in the Mediterranean.

Several important events were recently held in Naples (IT) between 27 and 30 November 2017. During these meetings, the CLIPPER project was mentioned by both the CPMR and the Region of Liguria as a project producing relevant content concerning the regional dimension of maritime industries and marine energies policies. 

These events were: 

• The Innobluegrowth Conference on 27 and 28 November: “Innovation for the development of marine energies in the Mediterranean”, which aimed to increase the visibility of the blue growth community and which provided an opportunity for experts from the blue energy sector to meet and exchange knowledge and best practices. CLIPPER was mentioned by the CPMR in discussions about maritime investments in support to blue energies 

• A meeting of the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission’s Task Force on the blue economy on 28 November. This meeting provided an update on the current situation, on CPMR surveys, BlueMED and WestMED, developing key projects on the blue economy and opportunities for synergies and collaboration. CLIPPER was quoted by the CPMR as an important element in its work on maritime investments, and in particular on the possibilities for partnerships between the EFSI and the Regions.

• The Union for the Mediterranean’s stakeholder conference on the blue economy on 29 and 30 November, which provided to provide a regional platform to discuss opportunities and challenges, to exchange views on alternative approaches and methodologies, and to identify policies and strategies that can harness the potential of the blue economy. The CPMR also spoke about CLIPPER during this event.