The partners of CLIPPER held their first webinars in May 2017. At this stage of the project, these online meetings facilitated discussions on the case studies and the territorial diagnoses (scope, method) currently being developed to provide guidance to each of the Working Groups. The CLIPPER project involves four Working Groups on the following areas: individual performance and innovation, strengthening of the value chain and collective performance, access to financing, and access to international markets. 

The case studies discussed included:

• The "Resolutions" initiative in the Pays de la Loire Region, through which the Region finances companies that offer innovative solutions to the challenges faced by another company;

• The Marine Energy Funding Facility in Fife County, Scotland;

• The "Tractores" programme, supported by the Idepa Economic Development Agency in the Region of Asturias, which helps finance projects that meet the challenges identified in the scope of Asturias' smart specialisation strategy.

The discussions reflected the strong commitment of the partners in the project, and the Webinar tool proved to be effective for discussion between themselves. The next Webinar sessions are scheduled to take place during November, following the second physical meetings of the Working groups.