On 18 May 2017, the Pays de la Loire Region presented the "RéSolutions" initiative in the framework of a workshop organised by the CPMR and the Municipality of Piraeus (Greece) on maritime start-ups during the European Maritime Day in Poole (United Kingdom). 

RéSolutions was presented to CLIPPER partners who are members of Working Group #2 on strengthening the value chain in order to share good practices and new initiatives in policy instruments. 

It is aimed at companies, the “Entrepreneurs”, in Pays de la Loire who wish to accelerate their development by turning their challenges into innovation opportunities. RéSolutions is delivered by thematic contests relating to regional policies open to the most innovative players on the market: the “Solvers”, in a collaborative and open innovation approach. 


The Pays de la Loire Region allocates a grant of €20,000 to each winning “solver” to develop its solution with the “entrepreneur”.

The first call launched within the framework of RéSolutions focused on blue growth. It enabled the selection of 5 entrepreneurs and 5 solvers, including start-ups, to work on the following themes: 

• Identification of the potential of micro-algae in the port area;

• Development of digital management of the maritime transit of a Ro-Ro terminal;

• Recovery of waste from naval deconstruction;

• Improved communication between fishing vessels and auctions;

• Development of a digital interface for the benefit of customers in marinas.