“Today we are much more prepared at the level of the city hall to deal with energy efficiency issues,” said  Radu Botez, deputy mayor of Iaşi Municipality (Romania) at the opening of the conference 'Actions for Sustainable Energy Consumption' organized by energynomics.ro on Tuesday, April 25, the first scheduled in the information campaign 'Energy efficiency for big results'. More than 70 experts from Iasi participated in the debates which were stimulated by five speakers, leading representatives of ENGIE Romania, Phoenix Contact, Enero, EximBank and Quartz Matrix. 

Iasi City Hall supports the new developments in the energy field and any idea, any partnership or initiative will be  welcomed with open arms, deputy mayor Radu Botez summed up the attitude of the municipality towards the field of energy efficiency. 

“We hope that this year we will take over the public lighting in  Iasi so that we would to be able to replace the pillars and introduce LED lighting,” said Radu Botez, who also said that the works on the rehabilitation of the tram lines have already began, and “this month we have talks for buying trams with different consumption characteristics for sustainable economy and development.” 

Energy effciency is key for proper business management

Nicolae Sabin Dordea, Business Sales Manager, ENGIE Romania Nord, briefly presented the intentions of the  company at national level, focusing on four distinct directions: 

  • Decarbonising the environment by investing in eco-mobility solutions
  • Generating decentralized energy with micro-cogeneration
  • Digital solutions for monitoring energy use
  • Energy service solutions

As part of the ENGIE Group, one of the world’s leading energy companies, ENGIE Romania is an important and local  player with about 1.6 million customers and a turnover of nearly one billion euros (2015). ENGIE Romania is the first natural gas importer in Romania and the first natural gas supplier on the regulated market, and Distrigaz Sud technical services segment with 650,000 customers.

From this position, Nicolae Sabin Dordea exposed for the clients in Iaşi the natural gas supply offers – Business Gaz  Fix, Business Gaz Flex, Business Tailor Made, as well as the electricity supply offers (standard and customized). The ENGIE Romania representative also referred to the extensive consulting and services package for optimizing energy consumption, and also the SMCE application – which allows the customer to monitor and analyze energy consumption by energy types (natural gas or electricity) so that it would be able to intervene for consumption management and budget optimization.

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Picture by energynomics.ro.