Interreg Europe funded CLEAN project partner Fomento de San Sebastian (FSS) aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy demand in the city of Donostia-San Sebastian, Basque Country (Spain). This action has been inspired by the good practice presented in Normandy (France) called Challenge 'positive energy families’  from CLEAN project partner Les 7 Vents.

The 'positive energy families' challenge tackles energy savings that can be achieved by changing the behaviour of individuals and paving the way for other actions to improve energy efficiency. It takes the form of a competition that encourages teams of families to save energy through everyday actions. In the case of the Fomento de San Sebastian action, the initiative will not follow a competition form, however it will incorporate the same ingredients to improve energy efficiency in homes & commerce and also raise awareness among them.

To increase energy efficiency and sustainability awareness among citizens, expert consultants will visit homes and commercial establishments to establish how citizens are consuming energy and how they can reduce their demand by multi-level saving measures such as, changing habits, optimized installation, equipment, and machinery. In addition to the advisory service, energy consumption will be monitored in a comprehensive platform to support experts analysing homes and establish consumption that will help to visually demonstrate to citizens how they are consuming energy.

Thanks to the experience obtained, the replicability of the project in other neighbourhoods can lead to energy saving and consumption reduction results in a shorter period. This is based on the benefit from the know-how obtained: previous coordination between the different local public-private actors involved, a proven work methodology, good practices, savings measures depending on the type of housing and business, etc.

This action is included in the organisation’s Regional Action Plan which is part of the transition process being carried out by Fomento de San Sebastian. The key objective is to transform it in a SMART city manner, following sustainable parameters and alongside the strategy and implementations that are already considered in the Donostia-San Sebastián Smart City Plan. This plan also tackles the policy instrument strategies for the energy efficiency improvement.