CLEAN project lead partner ERNACT (Ireland) have shared their Regional Action Plan for reducing regional carbon emissions in a move towards NetZero in 2045.

The aim of the Regional Action Plan is to support a shift towards a low-carbon economy by supporting effective energy, intelligent management systems and the use of renewable energy in public infrastructure and housing. It also promotes the development of low-carbon emission strategies. This will be achieved by addressing issues of energy data availability and fuel poverty.

The main outputs will include development of a centralised and reliable regional energy-usage open data repository that is accurate, complete and accessible. This data will facilitate a drive toward establishing accurate baselines, informed decision making, regional policy development and innovative energy efficiency research. The plan will also introduce new approaches to reduce fuel poverty through analysis of the open energy data collected. These results will be used to devise and orchestrate feasible and constructive strategies to reduce fuel poverty and the uptake of renewable resources in the region. The community will benefit though informational seminars designed to inform and empower citizens to change their energy behaviour.

"The CLEAN project is a bespoke strategy that applies an open data approach to reducing carbon emissions. It’s highly innovative approach to net zero", stated David Minton, Northern and Western Regional Assembly Director.

This Regional Action Plan will allow a more rapid implementation of energy policy as a result of access to relevant high-quality energy data. In addition, the plan will allow for more energy efficient homes and reduced incidents of fuel poverty as a result of householders accessing new fuel poverty schemes.

This is expected to strengthen regional collaboration on energy and climate issues and provide an evidence-base for further European Structural Funds targeted at intensifying renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

Take a look to the Regional Action Plan here!