CLEAN project partners ERNACT, Fomento San Sebastian and Les 7 Vents recently saw the approval of their Regional Action Plans.

During the Regional Action Plan development, representatives from Interreg Europe highlighted that partners were eligible for additional funding that would aid the implementation of one of their region’s Pilot Actions. Therefore, ERNACT, chose the Open Data Energy action, Fomento San Sebastian their SMART Public Lighting action and Les 7 Vents their Normandy 50/50 action for these additional funds.

Open Data Energy action

This pilot action, “Open Data” is an approach, applied in the regional energy environment, that it relates to organising, making available and keeping up-to-date, via easy to use and available ICT tools and agreement between public sector bodies - all data relevant to energy efficiency policy making and measure implementation in a typical EU region, regardless of who currently collects and stores it. This pilot action aims to test this approach by implementing it in the Irish Border, Midlands and Western region.

SMART Public Lighting action

This pilot action will consist in a new intelligent public lighting infrastructure in the street of Donostia/San Sebastian in the Basque Country (Spain). The action will install 22 LED system luminaires on lampposts along the street. The lampposts themselves will be supplied and installed by the municipality, however the ‘SMART’ elements including nodes, heads & radar for automated presence detection, LLAN controller, PLC communication system and tele-management aspects will be facilitated by the CLEAN action. This installation has the potential to result in savings of up to 74%, due to the renovation of the conventional luminaires into LED lighting and also up to 53% savings based on automated presence detection, which potentially results in a total saving of 80% in energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Normandy 50/50 action

The French pilot action is dedicated to testing a new methodology, to raise awareness on energy use in a Norman (France) primary school, a middle-school and a high school. It is inspired from a Cretan and Slovenian practice which consists in creating incentives to encourage the reduction of energy consumption and the adoption of low energy habits. Along with activities and awareness raising measures, the action consists in evaluating the consumption of the building, and to distribute 50% of the savings generated to the school to create new pedagogic projects. If successful, this pilot action will be disseminated in other Norman schools.

The proposals for extra funding to implement these pilot actions has successfully completed the first stage of the process and has been approved by the Joint-Secretariat for submission to the Interreg Monitoring Committee. It is hoped that the proposals will be approved so that ERNACT, Fomento San Sebastian and Les 7 Vents may complete their actions. This will address the common challenge of the CLEAN project to identify how to best meet EU energy efficiency targets for buildings in Europe’s regions.

You can read the whole Regional Action Plans, clicking here.