This week we speak with our project partner Martina Di Costanzo from ANEA - Agenzia Napoletana Energia e Ambiente (Italy) to discuss the progress of their Regional Action Plan

What is the full name of your Action Plan?  Regional action plan focusing on the improvement of regional regulations, addressed by the policy instrument  

What is the aim?  An energy efficiency program for renovation of hospitals buildings. 

And, what will be the main output?  With Regional Resolution n. 154 of 21/03/2017 “Energy efficiency program for hospitals – Establishment of a new chapter of expenditure” the Campania region administrative has assured on a programmatic basis the financial coverage of € 23.671.000 with the resource funds of the ERDF 2014-2020 OP Campania Region of the specific Objective 4.1 "Reduction of energy consumption in buildings and in public or public residential and non-residential buildings and integration of renewable sources" for the implementation of Action 4.1. “reduction of energy consumption in public buildings or in buildings for public use residential and non-residential with the integrating sources renewable sources”. After three months thanks to the collaboration between ANEA and the Directorate General for Health Protection and Coordination of the Campania region health system, within CLEAN project an integration of Regional Resolution has been made with an upgrade version of regional regulation.  

What is the name of the policy instrument or instruments addressed?  ROP Campania ERDF 2014-2020 - Priority Axis 4 “Supporting the transition towards a low-carbon economy”.  

What would you highlight from the policy framework?  The Priority Axis 4 “Supporting the transition towards a low-carbon economy” has reached the performance target and will have an increase of 68.6 million, coming from the reductions of the amount of the other axes. These resources will be allocated to actions of high strategic value and that allow a rapid progress of the expenditure. The most significant actions include: the scrolling of the ranking for the financing of proposals received under the notice on energy efficiency for public bodies; the interventions in internal areas; efficiency measures for residential and public housing. 

Could you tell us a little bit about the background of your action?  Campania Region has a natural vocation for the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and is the natural hub for the passage of infrastructural corridors for the transport of energy. Two conditions that have become relevant only in the last few years, that is since energy policies have imposed on the international level the progressive abandonment of fossil fuels in favor of production from renewable sources. 

Only from that historical moment, which as a genesis can be traced back to the Kyoto agreement and to the subsequent agreements also in Europe, the development of energy began to be, for Campania, a subject of necessary planning, also productive and not plus a simple corollary to protecting the environment to mitigate the effects of highly polluted but necessary settlements for the economy.  In this condition, the Campania region has moved from an energy policy that had as its only driver the development of the "containment of the consumption" of oil and derivatives, to a policy of local energy production and "intelligent" distribution of energy, especially in buildings. 

Why did you choose that specific action?  One sector of the PA that is heavily energy-intensive is that of hospitals. For this particular use, the energy requirement (thermal and electrical), in standard conditions, is easily obtained from audit analysis and energy certification, because the actual use of the building is to be thought of over the entire 24 hours and therefore such it will also be the use of facilities and equipment. Many of the hospital facilities are in classes with very low energy performance indices. The data relating to the hospital structures of Campania represent 10% of the structures present in the entire nation. 

What is the impact that you are expecting? The increase of the amount (in n. of euros) thanks to the upgrade of regional resolution with the possibility to mix regional and national funds and the increase of n. of hospital buildings renovated 

Which players are involved?  Campania Region Administrative, managerial operating unit: Hospital Buildings; ANEA, the 5 hospitals that benefited from the regional resolution.

How are you going to monitor it?  The intention is to monitor what has been done in the hospitals in order to define the percentage of improvement in terms of energy efficiency in each building.  

Read ANEA's Regional Action Plan.

Photo: ANEA, Hospital Ruggi Benevento.