CLEAN's regional action plan in Normandy was presented by our project partner Les 7 Vents on Friday 13th of December at the Normandy Eco-cheque network meeting, which aims to improve political instruments for a low-carbon economy.

The regional action plan has highlighted the multitude of low carbon building initiatives observed in Normandy, which has led the 7 vents to develop an action plan which, based on good practices, strives to improve and network the existing system. In addition, they intend to publish this development on the 7 Vents’ website and each initiative through posts on social media.

Furthermore, the 7 Vents wanted to adapt three good practices observed in Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, Normandy 50/50, Smart Norman Villages and training in everyday ecological practices. The adaptation of these actions in Normandy is seen as a way of enriching the territory with new actions, chosen for what they can bring to the region.

In addition to pursue a network dynamic and to inform about the progress of the project, there are planned four CLEAN meetings over the next two years.