This week we speak with the last, but not least, of the CLEAN project stakeholders. Leo Strawbridge is the Energy Manager at Derry City and Strabane District Council in Northern Ireland and he is involved in the CLEAN project since the begining.

Why did you decide to take part in CLEAN?

As a key stakeholder in ERNACT (CLEAN project lead partner) and as a regional local authority, Derry City Council can be a strategic influencer for the region to set targets to increase energy efficiency, thus the CLEAN Project was a logical fit .

Have you participated in any staff exchanges or study visits?

Yes, from the Council, Joe Hendron visited Caen for the Opening Conference and Study visit in France (Social Housing), while Ciara Burke visited Naples (Energy Efficiency program for hospitals).

Have you learnt any lessons from other stakeholders? Or, have you shared your expertise with them?

Yes, learning from the visit to Naples could be replicated and transferred to other Public Buildings.

How are you benefiting from this international network? Is CLEAN impacting your work?

Yes, both Derry City and Strabane District Council and Donegal County Council are benefiting from establishing a regional energy consumption and carbon mapping report. This report will be used to identify targets for the transition to a low carbon region.

What do you expect from the CLEAN partnership?

Learning from partners good practices, correlation of regional energy data and target setting, engagement with other stakeholders with a view to future partnerships and potential funding applications.