This week we speak with David Tengerström project leader for the Energy and Climate Advisors in the region of Västernorrland (Sweden) and CLEAN project stakeholder.

Why did you decide to take part in CLEAN?

To get input and good examples that can be used in our work. To get ideas how to better get companies and people in general more interested in getting advice from the energy and climate advisors in our region.

Have you participated in any staff exchanges or study visits?

Yes, in Västernorrland county, Sweden.

Have you learnt any lessons from other stakeholders? Or, have you shared your expertise with them?

We have shared the project Sustainable travels – successfully implementing policy and praxis in order to reduce emissions related to travelling in organisations. A travel policy, support from travel advisors and a successfully implemented tailor made information- and campaign plan helped organisations to attain the goals within the time frame.

How are you benefiting from this international network? Is CLEAN impacting your work?

We are benefiting through continuous learning about how other regions - facing similar challenges - create long-term results for sustainable development.

What do you expect from the CLEAN partnership?

We expect to get more tips on how to reduce energy use, reduce energy costs and minimize the environmental impact. We also hope to get some new ideas on how to easier switch to or increase the amount of renewable energy.