CLEAN partner regions have held the 5th steering group meeting, inter-regional thematic seminar and last study visits of the project in an event hosted by the Region of Crete on the 24th and 25th September in Heraklion (Greece).

Reaching the end of phase 1 of the project, the Region of Crete hosted project partners from Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Spain, France and Ireland in order to discuss issues of common interest and to present local practices in the energy sector. On the first day the Steering Committee was held, over-viewing and evaluating the actions and activities carried out so far. Each partner presented the progress made and the first draft of its Regional Action Plan. A thematic seminar followed, that included presentations about Energy footprints in a regional historic building that is used nowadays as the main bus station of the island, Energy saving practices in a large industry of the island and case studies of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans that were developed for different areas of Greece.

"The aim was to bring project partners together to discuss project activities and progress", explains Dr Caitriona Strain, Project Manager at ERNACT and CLEAN Project Leader. "Nine partner regions have also reviewed the project workplan, roles, responsibilities and contributions required in the next semester". 

During the second day, partners had the opportunity to participate in 3 study visits, to learn more about latest technology used for energy efficiency in the island of Crete and to gain further information about local good energy practices. More specifically, the participants visited the Hellenic Distribution Network Operator of the Dispatch Center of Heraklion, the Lab of Transparent Conductive Materials and Devices of the Foundation of Research and Technology (FORTH) and the Electrical Engineering Department of the Hellenic Mediterranean University.