CLEAN is fast approaching the second phase of the project and, therefore, we are organising a series of interviews with international project stakeholders to discover what do they think about this interreg project. This week, we interview an Italian stakeholder, Professor of University of Benevento Maurizio Sasso.

Why did you decide to take part in CLEAN?

All the Good Pratices presented during the project and in particular in Sweden staff exchange are strictly in relationship with my activity in energy planning, efficient use of energy (EUE) and renewable energy technologies. It is very interesting to compare the performance of both, RETs and energy conversion system based on fossil fuels, in very different climate conditions such as that one’s of the North Europe. Furthermore, I really appreciate to learn how in Sweden energy associations support local authorities to improve the diffusion of EUEs and RETs projects.

Have you participated in any staff exchanges or study visits?

I participated in the staff exchange in Sweden.  I chose to participate to this exchange because I am really interested in energy applications in cold climate. In particular, I was involved in many project related to the efficient use of energy in Hospital in Mediterrean area. In Sweden I had the opportunity to participate to the technical visit of an Hospital (HÄRNÖSAND). 

Have you learnt any lessons from other stakeholders? Or, have you shared your expertise with them?

Yes and it was very important for me to have the opportunity to show the R&D projects of my research group in a meeting organized at the Mid Sweden University.

How are you benefiting from this international network? Is CLEAN impacting your work?

After my visit many international relationships between my University (Università degli Studi del Sannio) and Mid Sweden University can be born, such as exchange of Professors and/or Students (Erasmus project). In the REP of Campania Region could be found many action to support R&D project and international relationships.

What do you expect from the CLEAN partnership?

The staff exchange was tailored according to the Good Practices shared previously within the CLEAN project because, in our opinion, in Campania region there is the need to improve the policies about the energy efficiency in buildings. So I expect the dialogue between partner countries will lead to improvement the policy instrument of each ones.