CLEAN partnership started working together in January 2017 and, therefore, the project is fast approaching to the second phase. In that way, we are trying our best to find out what some of the beneficiaries think about the work that we are carrying on. We are asking local stakeholders how is our interregional network affecting and benefiting them. 

We have made a series of interviews to find out more about their thoughts and, this time, we speak with one of the Finnish stakeholders: Juha Kettunen, School coordinator in Joensuu (North Karelia).


Why did you decide to take part in CLEAN project? 

I have been working in the Climate Blocks program since August 2018. I’m working as a School coordinator and one challenge of my work is to find out energy efficiency solutions in two brand new school buildings in Joensuu. There are several things in common in both projects and that’s the reason why I’ve been selected as a stakeholder in the CLEAN project. 


Have you participated in any staff exchanges or study visits?

I participated in the CLEAN project meeting in Iasi (Romania) in April 2019. We had two study visits to the Technical University Campus and Iasi Power heating station in addition to the meeting. Both visits were very interesting, especially, from a technical point of view. 


Have you learnt any lessons from other stakeholders? Or have you shared your expertise with them?

I had the chance to introduce the case of our school to the international attendees in Iasi. 


How are you benefiting from this international network? Is CLEAN impacting your work?

I got a few contacts in the meeting in Iasi. I’m going to contact one of those actors who is working with carbon footprint and energy efficiency. We are going to see what kind of mutual benefits we’ll find out. 


What do you expect from the CLEAN partnership?

When I had the chance to join the CLEAN stakeholder group, I wished to get contacts and be part of a network of energy actors, and that target has been fulfilled.