At the beginning of the project, partners shared some of their local good energy practices with the whole partnership. In 2019, CLEAN partners have started working in their Regional Action Plans, in which these local good examples will take an important space.

After having time to review and discuss them and attend study visits and staff exchanges to find out more, which good practices are you planning to use to develop your Regional Action Plan?

ERNACT (Ireland): There are a number of good practices we are interested in applying particularly in relation to PV and smart metering.

ALAV (Sweden): We haven’t decided that yet, but in due time everyone gets to know it.

Fomento San Sebastian (Spain): Even though we are still on the analysis process, we have already identified some potential initiatives that can be transferred to our city. This means that good practices that we have found interesting to be transferred will need to be adapted and adequate to our city reality. In particular, Good Practices that are related to building retrofitting and consider improving Energy Efficiency performance through the inclusion of smart technology, ICT, etc. are the ones selected to be implemented in our city. For example, initiatives put in place in Normandy, related to Building retrofitting, positive energy families are possibly be analysed, defined and planned to be put in place in San Sebastian. Other Good Actions such as Intelligent Public Lighting implementations in the street have been already carried out in San Sebastian in some streets, however we will continue deploying this infrastructure in other locations of the city, to improve this public service energy consumption, making it more sustainable.

Iasi (Romania): All the Good practices proposed by project partners are highly interesting and transferable. Iasi Municipality is really interested by those promoting energy saving in public building particularly hospitals, such as, 'Energy efficiency program for hospitals' and 'Transformation in Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB)' of ANEA in Naples; '[email protected] Hospital Project' of Region of Crete; in schools, including awareness campaigns developed in EE in School centre Velenje, 'EURONET 50/50 MAX' or 'Save energy in European schools - EURONET 50/50' of Savinjska Region; and, finally, 'Serious game "renovation challenge"' in Normandy and public lightening innovative measures for energy efficiency 'Street Lighting Retrofit with LED' in Donegal.

Les 7 Vents (France): More than 15 practices were selected as inspiring by our local stakeholders. We are particularly keen on using and developing the ones that relate to energy efficiency in private buildings.

ANEA (Italy): The two good practices that ANEA intends to use in the development of its Action Plan concern:

  • ENERTIC (Smart-building: near to zero emissions building) visited by ANEA staff during the staff exchange in San Sebastian on January 2018. ENERTIC is very interesting both for its fallout in terms of energy efficiency, but also for the benefits at a social level, pursuing the dual objective of promoting energy efficiency and at the same time strengthening the local economy.
  • EE in School centre Velenje visited by ANEA staff during the staff exchange in Velenje on September 2018. Also this good practice is very interesting and in line with a university building in the city of Naples, visited by the partners during the May 2018 within the staff exchange in Naples.

Region of Crete (Greece): Although not decided yet which practices will be used for developing our Regional Action Plan, we plan to include the ones that refer to better management of energy consumption, new business models for improving energy efficiency in public buildings and also the ones that deal with training, activating and raising awareness of the civil servants and the buildings’ users.

Regional Council of North Karelia (Finland): We will be using the following good practices from partners: 'The largest solar panel wall in the Nordic region', of ALAV and 'EE in School centre Velenje', of RASR. Maybe also, 'Public Notice for drawing Sustainable Energy Action Plan', of ANEA and 'Green University Strategy for TUC', of Region of Crete.

Development Agency of Savinjska Region (Slovenia): We are very interested in the good practice 'Challenge positive energy families', which was presented by the project partner from Normandy during the staff exchange in November 2018, and we are also considering the potential transfer of 'Integrated intelligent lightning system' and 'Smart Led Streetlights' from Donegal and 'Green University Strategy' from Greece.