To-date, what has been the biggest benefit of participating in the CLEAN project for your organisation?

ERNACT (Ireland): One of the biggest benefits has been the transnational exchange of experience process that has facilitated increased learning and knowledge transfer about best practice across Europe.

ALAV (Sweden): Regional cooperation is strengthened! In order to learn from each other, development of the collaboration platforms in the county is needed. Joint experiences, dissemination of good examples, coordinated actions and more.

Fomento San Sebastian (Spain): The CLEAN Project, together with other smart strategies that Fomento San Sebastian is leading, has driven to a deepening in the field of Energy Efficiency focused mainly on the building perspective. For several years, Fomento San Sebastian has been working in this field from a smart perspective in several implementations in the city of Donostia / San Sebastian and it has allowed us to continue working on Energy Efficiency topic while we have been able to learn from other experiences carried out in other European regions.

Iasi (Romania): Being partner in CLEAN Project is a major chance for Iasi Municipality to get in contact with Municipalities and specialised organisations across all Europe and learning from their experience and good practices. Study visits, presentations in the field, seminaries and staff exchanges, all these contribute to improve our knowledge, to improve our policies and to re-adapt our existing solutions for better results, more efficient and more appropriate for users’ expectations and European standards. 

Les 7 Vents (France): The project enabled a mutual interest between Les 7 Vents and CLEAN partners. Several discussions and feedback have been shared on the basis of the exchange of good practices. The lessons learnt at individual level could be shared and be transferred to collective intelligence.

ANEA (Italy): The biggest benefit of participating in the CLEAN project (and in general in all the European projects, in particular within INTERREG EUROPE Program) for ANEA is the possibility to share and exchange ideas and solutions with partners from several European countries with different backgrounds, thus favouring a mutual learning process.

Region of Crete (Greece): The biggest benefit of participating in the CLEAN project, not only for the Region of Crete but also for the regional Stakeholders is the exchange of ideas and good practices and all the knowledge gained on new technologies and applications in the field of energy efficiency. Members of our organization and our regional stakeholders had the chance to know in detail how other public organizations deal with energy efficiency and energy management and how cooperation with NGOs and private sector can work towards that direction.

Regional Council of North Karelia (Finland): It has been very interesting to learn about the good energy practices that have been done at the other CLEAN project regions. The CLEAN project has given us possibilities to influence our Regional Strategic Programme work in the field of promoting energy efficiency in buildings.

Development Agency of Savinjska Region (Slovenia): Development agency of Savinjska region is a company that represents the connection between municipalities and ministries and fulfills its tasks in accordance with the priorities of Slovenia's development. With the help of the CLEAN project, we have got a chance to get to know the smaller stakeholders in the region and their work, and at the same time we managed to connect them with energy agencies and other, larger companies that deal with energy efficiency. We managed to expand the chain of participants in the field of energy efficiency in the Savinjska region through the CLEAN project.