In the sixth of the 9 articles of this series, the attention will be focused in the region of Campania (Italy), from where our project partner ANEA Naples Agency for Energy and Environment has shared four good energy practices.

The practices disseminated from Campania region are:

“Thanks to the CLEAN project, ANEA started the collaboration with the Campania region to the identification of the 4 best practices presented within the project. Furthermore, we have implemented the good practice, for example within the region decree for renovation of hospitals it was add the possibility to increase the amount thanks the mix of regional and national funds”, explains Martina Di Costanzo, Project Manager at ANEA.

According to her, the regional stakeholder meetings have allowed the dissemination of good practices at local level. “The participation of the staff member and the stakeholders in staff exchanges has allowed, on the one hand, to fully understand the project by visiting the best practice of the other partners and, on the other hand, to transfer the experience of Campania to other countries”.


Organisation of one staff exchange

On the 30th and 31st of May 2018, Italian CLEAN partners hosted one of the six staff exchanges that have taken place during the last year. They shared further details on the four good energy practices, mentioned above, with the project partners that attended these site visits: stakeholders from Ireland and Northern Ireland on behalf of CLEAN lead partner, ERNACT (Ireland); representatives from Region of Crete (Greece) and many local stakeholders. “I think that it was a very fruitful staff exchange with interesting content. In fact, stakeholders that have attended the meeting and during the visits have showed a lot of interest, asking a lot of questions to the responsible, finding several similarities with their own daily work and activities”, says Martina Di Costanzo, Project Manager at ANEA.

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Participation in project’s staff exchanges

On the 23rd and 24th of January 2018, a representative from ANEA attended the staff exchange hosted by Fomento San Sebastian (Spain). Partners from Cooperative Les 7 Vents (France) also travelled to the Basque Country for the site visits.

Martina Di Costanzo explains that her organisation chose to visit these good practices because of the geographical position, the culture, and the needs are more similar to theirs. “The knowledge gained during the staff exchange has been transferred to Campania region during the following stakeholder meeting of CLEAN project and during the Conference Session within EnergyMed Fair, organized by ANEA in April 2018”.

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On the 13th and 14th of November 2018, a key stakeholder from ANEA, Professor Maurizio Sasso, from the Department of Engineering of Benevento University in Italy, travelled to Västernorrland (Sweden) to learn more about Swedish partners’ good energy practices. Another representative from the Regional Council of North Karelia (Finland) also participated in the exchange.

"It is very interesting in my opinion because you get the opportunity to evaluate different energy situations typical of the northern Europe", explains the Professor. "I think these exchange meetings are very interesting in that sense and a great opportunity to increase knowledge in our common point of interest, which is energy and the use of renewables".

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