In the third of the 9 articles of this series, the attention will be focused in the city of San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain), from where our project partner Fomento San Sebastian has shared three good energy practices with the CLEAN partnership.

The practices shared from San Sebastian are: ‘ENERTIC Smartbuilding: near to zero emissions building’, a bioclimatic character building that meets the maximum parameters of Energy Efficiency and fosters the use of renewable energies; ‘SmartKalea: a successful public-private partnership for improving urban quality of life’, an innovative initiative to establish a public-private collaboration model that integrates the different agents that coexist in a street environment from a smart and sustainable perspective; and ‘Nearly zero emission district initiatives in Urumea Riverside (REPLICATE project)’, in which sustainable city business models of the solutions are analyzed so that they can be easily transferred and replicated in other districts and cities.

“These three Good Practices are part of the city strategy towards a Smart City transition, where among others, sustainability and energy efficiency parameters are particularly promoted. CLEAN project allows not only to position these activities in European level but also, we are having the chance to transfer and share these experiences with other European regions, so that each of us can evaluate them with different expertise knowledge and vision, providing valuable feedback”, explains Ainara Amundarain from Fomento San Sebastian.


Organisation of one staff exchange

On the 23rd and 24th of January 2018, Fomento San Sebastian held one of the six staff exchanges that have taken place during the last year. Partners from Cooperative Les 7 Vents in Normandy (France) and from ANEA Naples Agency for Energy and Environment in Campania region (Italy) attended the site visits to find out more about the three good practices mentioned above.

“The different initiatives that were presented during the Staff Exchange in San Sebastian were explained in detail by all agents, partners and stakeholders taking part in each of them, with a high level of expertise, having around 10 technicians involved in the events. Additionally, the Staff Exchange combined meetings with site visit to have a full understanding of the implementations”, continues Ms Amundarain.

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Participation in project’s staff exchanges

On the 28th and 29th of November 2018, Ainara Amundarain from Fomento San Sebastian and Peter Albrecht from A+0 Architects, one of their key regional stakeholders, attended the staff exchange in Normandy organised by Cooperative Les 7 Vents. French partners provided further details of the five good energy practices that they shared at the beginning of the CLEAN project.

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