The Policy Learning Platform arranged in December an online discussion with 13 partners from the ongoing low-carbon economy projects: CLEAN, EMPOWER, ENERSELVES, FINERPOL, LOCARBO, MOLOC, REBUS and ZEROCO2 projects. Attendees, Dr Caitriona Strain CLEAN Project Leader among them, discussed about different challenges of behaviour change for energy efficiency.

According to CLEAN's Project Leader, the online discussion was "really informative" for the energy efficiency area. She found "useful information" from it and it will be communicated to the whole partnership soon.

During the session, three projects got also the opportunity to present some of their good practices:

  • REBUS presented their School Carbon Reduction Programme on reducing energy consumption in schools, through trainings and energy monitoring. 
  • MOLOC presented the practice ‘Energy janitors for public buildings’, on appointing energy managers for public buildings.
  • LOCARBO presented the Sustainability Observatory, an online platform for monitoring the performance of municipal electrical equipment.

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