The Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland, CLEAN partners from Sweden, have hosted one of the two third and last staff exchanges of the project.

According to Annacarin Ericsson, Manager at Local Energy Agency in Västernorrland, two-day agenda was prepared based on the feedback and interests of some of the CLEAN project partners and stakeholder groups. "We are showing the results of research here which seems very interesting to our visitors and, also, they have the opportunity to show their research. So, it is a real exchange".

Partners and stakeholders from University of Sannio in Benevento, Campania region (Italy), and Regional Council of North Karelia region (Finland) have attended this staff exchange.

"It is very interesting in my opinion because you get the opportunity to evaluate different energy situations typical of the northern Europe", explains Professor Maurizio Sasso from the Department of Engineering of Benevento University in Italy, who attended the staff exchange. "I think these exchange meetings are very interesting in that sense and a great opportunity to increase knowledge in our common point of interest, which is energy and the use of renewables".

Watch a video where participants explain their experience!