Our project partner, the Region of Crete (Greece), has participated in the European Conference & Exhibition "Smart Regions 2.0", which took place in Helsinki, Finland. The Conference aimed at exchanging experience between the European Regions for the implementation of projects in the framework of Smart Specialization that is based in research and innovation investments.

The Conference offered the opportunity for information exchange, cooperation and exchange of experience among Regions for research, industry, innovation, education and improvement of professional skills in a variety of thematic areas such as Environment, Waste Management, Water Resources, Energy, Tourism, ICTs, etc. 

With the participation of high-profile speakers and representatives of the European Institutions, National and Regional Authorities from all over Europe, the future of innovation in the context of European Regional Development was discussed, which is expected to make an important contribution to the Cohesion Policy in Europe 2020. Emphasis has been given to innovation through specific projects implemented in Europe by Competitive Financing Frameworks with the collaboration of Research Institutions, National and Regional Bodies, and business initiatives. 

The Region of Crete was the only Greek Region that participated in the Conference and Exhibition, presenting regional actions for implementing the Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3 Crete) and projects related to thematic priorities of the Strategy. The European Competitive Programs implemented by the Region of Crete (Horizon 2020, Interreg EU, Interreg MED, LIFE, etc.) concern issues related to Energy Efficiency in buildings, Regional Practices and Policies for Energy Efficiency, Innovation in the Agricultural Sector to tackle Climate Change, Cycle Economy, Adoption of Environmental-friendly Solutions to Urban Planning and other applications, Innovative Treatment of Contaminated Soils with Nanoremediation, etc. 

The Region of Crete attracted a large number of visitors, representatives of the Commission Services, Ministries, Regions, scientists and young entrepreneurs. The visitors had the opportunity to watch, read and be informed about the Region's activities and actions within Crete, in Greece and abroad and also to get informational material for the implementation of RIS3Crete and all the innovative actions implemented under European Programs by the Region of Crete. 

You can read more (in Greek) about our partners and the event in the links below: