The Third Steering Group Meeting has recently brought all partners together in Laško town (Slovenia). Hosted by Development Agency of Savinjska Region, partners and stakeholders have had the opportunity to learn more about the Slovenian expertise regarding good energy practices.

The 12th of September, CLEAN partners and stakeholders visited MOS fair in the Municipality of Celje, the largest business and trade fair event in Savinjska Region, where project seminar ‘How to reduce energy costs?’ took place.

Bojan Šrot Mayor of the Municipality of Celje, Mag. Branko Kidrič Mayor of Rogaška Slatina and president of the Development Council of the Savinjska region and Mag. Robert Otorepec director of Celjski sejem d.d., welcomed the attendees and opened the conference. ERNACT, lead partner, presented the CLEAN project to attendees and afterwards, a number of speakers shared their visions on cross-sectorial synergies in regional policy in the Republic of Slovenia, discussed about strategic guidelines to financial support of innovative projects for low-carbon economy, presented examples of energy management of public buildings and spoke about bio-isolation and innovation as the key to an economically efficient transition to a low-carbon society. It was also mentioned energy rehabilitation of public buildings, energy management for local communities and the Savinjska region as a model of an integral green region.

During the evening, attendees traveled to the Municipality of Velenje to learn more about the municipal building and their energy measures. Peter Dermol Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, Boštjan Krajnc Director of the Energy Agency KSSENA and Cveto Fendre Head of Energy Engineering at Velenje School Center shared their strategies and visions for the region with the CLEAN partnership. Afterwards, they continued the visit to the School to find out more about the energy management, accounting and implementation of ICT concepts.

To finish with the site visits, partners arrived to the Business Education Center – MIC, where local experts gave further details on the energy polygon, laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency and the low energy / passive house.


Discussing about CLEAN project progress

The 3rd Steering Group Meeting took place the following day in the municipal building of Laško. All partner regions shared their activities, challenges and achievements during the past 6 months, while the lead partner presented an update on project finance, communication and dissemination and next exchange of experience activities.

Stay tuned! Partners will next meet in 2019 in Iasi Municipality (Romania) to continue with CLEAN project activities.