Our Italian partner, Naples Agency for Energy and Environment (ANEA), hosted the first of the second round of staff exchanges on May 30th – 31st in Campania.

On day one, partners met with professors and students at the University of Sannio (Benevento Province) and representatives of STRESS SCARL (a research and technology hub composed of universities, research institutes, and private sector firms). During the meeting, partners and stakeholders learned about the SMART CASE project (one of the Good Practices collected by ANEA for the CLEAN project), which aims to find new solutions to reduce energy consumption from non-renewable sources and increase the quality of life in the building. The project foresees research, actions and prototypes for both existing and new buildings, and is based on the main features of the existing building stock in the Campania Region (South Italy). Refurbishment of existing buildings is a very important part of the research work, considering the great number of outdated buildings, both in Italy and in the Campania Region in need of overall improvement. Furthermore, partners had the opportunity to visit one of the buildings located in Benevento.

On day two, partners met the responsible for the heating and cooling lighting system at the University of Naples who showed them the energy requalification measures adopted at industrial engineering department of University of Naples “Federico II”. The building hosts over eight thousand students and has been the object of a complete plant redevelopment in 2015/2016. The heart of the intervention is the technological centre and the advanced regulation systems. The control system automatically manages the overall system, with optimization logic of the PID type (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) and with a logic of regulation based on both the thermo-hygrometric requirements in the environment and on the actual crowding to optimize the quantities of outdoor air actually treated.

According to feedback from partners and stakeholders who visited Italy, Martina Di Costanzo (host partner) said, “I think that it was a very fruitful staff exchange with interesting content. In fact, stakeholders that have attended the meeting and during the visits have shown a lot of interest, asking a lot of questions to the responsible, finding several similarities with their own daily work and activities.”

Maria Apostolaki (Greek partner) commented, “Our main motivation for this staff exchange was to acquire knowledge and specific know-how from the good practices in another Mediterranean region. I think that as technical staff we have enhanced our knowledge and experience. Furthermore, I strongly believe that many of the successful applications in the Campania Region can be transferred in our region, thus, accomplishing raising public awareness as well."

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