Interreg Europe through the Policy Learning Platform has organised, on the 27th and 28th of June, two cooperation days in Educatorio il Fuligno (Florence, Italy) for the projects that are currently working in the low carbon field of the funding programme. Among them, CLEAN project presented the objectives and a good practice from Donegal County Council in Ireland.


Interregional Cooperation for Energy Transition  

The Interreg Europe REBUS, VIOLET and SET-UP projects have co-organised an event, to bring together interregional projects addressing low-carbon economy and facing common challenges related to energy transition.

80 attendees from 14 Interreg Europe projects working on the field of low carbon economy, and representing 98 project partners, have participated in this initiative. The event included 3 workshops encouraging exchange of experience and cooperation, keynote speakers presenting good energy practices (including one from CLEAN) and a business case competition that MOLOC project finally won with an example about low carbon urban morphologies, presented by Aurélien Parsy from the City of Lille (France). 

During the first workshop, attendees shared visions on external forces regarding political, environmental, legal, financial, social and technology fields. They also shared opinions about possible benefits and risks. In the second one, they discussed about how to improve user commitment and disseminate information to key actors and stakeholder groups. Finally, participants learnt more about mobilisation of key resources identifying some do’s and dont’s.  

Thematic workshop on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The second day’s activities were hosted by Interreg Europe’s Policy Learning Platform. Katharina Krell and Simon Hunkin policy experts organised interactive and participatory workshops to meet other Interreg Europe project partners, discuss project complementarities, share good practices, define future common activities for advancing regional energy efficiency approaches and learn about European initiatives that can support different regional activities.

Ianire Renobales, from ERNACT (CLEAN's lead partner), presented 'ISO 50001 Energy Management System Implementation' good practice from Donegal County Council. Afterwards, attendants got the opportunity to ask some questions and find out more about this energy review that demonstrates a clear understanding of where energy is used in an organisation, what drives its consumption and what can be done in order to improve its performance.