As usual, CLEAN or Technologies and open innovation for low­-carbon regions project partners have met to discuss about project progress and future steps. This time, they have travelled to Västernorrland region (Sweden), on the 24th and 25th of April, for the Second Steering Group Meeting.

Partners have continued working on the project workplan and strategy by reviewing management and coordination, communication and dissemination activities and exchange of experience initiatives. Each of the partners got the opportunity to present their activities' progress during the last six months and to discuss about future project events to exchange knowledge and expertise. For example, next regional stakeholder meetings in all partner regions or staff exchanges that will take place in May and June in Naples (Italy) and Crete (Greece).

Apart from that, they started discussing about the development and structure of the Regional Action Plans, a document that will provide details on how the lessons learnt from the cooperation will be exploited in order to improve the policy instruments. These RAPs will be prepared during the first phase of the project, based on the experiences shared among partners, and they will be implemented during the second phase of the CLEAN project.