Owners who have certified work of building rehabilitation to increase energy-efficiency can benefit from the local Council of Iasi’s (Romania) decision on tax deduction according to the energetic certification, as follows:

1. Complete cancellation of tax:

  • For A class EE buildings – for 10 years
  • For B class buildings - for 9 years 
  • For C class buildings - for 8 years
  • For D class buildings - for 7 years

2. 50% reduction in taxes for EE class buildings E, F, G:

  • For E class – for 9 years
  • For F class – for 8 years
  • For G class – for 7 years

The tax deduction starts the next year, after work completion and certification. The owner must present to the Municipality ownership documents, the closing works file and the energetic certification. The work recognized as energy-efficient interventions are insulation of walls, floors, roofs, pipe network modernization/insulation and any other work resulting in reduction/elimination of energy loss.