Within the framework of the European CLEAN project (Interreg Europe-EU) in which Fomento San Sebastian participates as a partner, the first exchange of experiences took place in San Sebastian on 23rd and 24th January 2018. More specifically, partners from Normandy (France), from Cooperative Les 7 Vents, and the partners from Naples (Italy), from ANEA Naples Agency for Energy and Environment, participated.

During the visit, the delegation was able to find out in detail about some of the good practices that have been implemented by Fomento de San Sebastián in the city in the field of Energy Efficiency, the main issue of the project. The first of these good practices is the bioclimatic Enertic Building, a sustainable building with nearly zero emissions located on Polígono 27 and run by Fomento de San Sebastián. Enertic is a sectorial concentrator building with offices for companies focusing on the smart field, where co-creation and networking are fostered between companies related to the sector. The most noteworthy bioclimatic characteristics are found in the design of the building in order to obtain greater efficiency (bearing in mind the orientation, ventilation of the building, materials used...), as well as the use of renewable sources of energy to supply the building (geothermal, solar, wind, water reuse,...).

On the other hand, the European REPLICATE project (co-founded by EU under the H2020 - SCC01 call) which is coordinated by Fomento de San Sebastián was also shown as a good practice. More specifically, the delegation was able to find out about the actions being carried out in the district of Vega del Urumea (Txomin, Polígono 27 and Ametzagaina Park). In particular, they had the opportunity to visit the smart lighting that has been deployed on Polígono 27, Urban Heating that is under construction, etc. Furthermore, the project partners EUROHELP and LEYCOLAN, members of the San Sebastian Smart Cluster, explained the specific actions that are being developed within the framework of the project. 

Finally, 24th January was devoted to the experience of the SmartKalea initiative that has been developed in the city since 2014. The project is a pioneering initiative for the deployment of smart implementations in a single street, which presents an innovative model of public-private collaboration involving all of the agents involved in the street environment (City Council, citizens, commerce and catering, trade associations and technological firms) coordinated by Fomento de San Sebastián. The project, which began in Calle Mayor, also has a highly extensible replication model in other streets of the city, allowing its replication throughout the Old Town and the Altza neighbourhood, to date. The companies collaborating in the project (including Uhin Energía, Ikusi, Dinycon, In Situ, Leycolan, FCC, Skootik, Nerei and Idom) also participated in the seminar, showing the advances and results obtained to date. The seminar ended with a visit to the first SmartKalea street, Calle Mayor. 

The visit also served to bring together local agents involved in the issue, whereby they were able to find out the situation of the project as well as the experiences of the European partners.