CLEAN project partner ANEA Agenzia Napoletana Energia e Ambiente (Italy) has participated in the last coordination-working meeting of the Sustainable Building Partnership in Brussels, to discuss about an Innovation Map and some ideas for new pilot projects.

Attendants have identified three main reference themes for interregional collaboration:

  1. Eco-construction, bioclimatism and insulation of buildings,
  2. Renewable energy integration in buildings,
  3. Systems of maximum energy efficiency in buildings and cities

The next objective of the partnership will be now to comprise the creation of working groups for each reference theme, the mapping of the capacities, resources available and relevant actors in the participating regions, and the establishment of synergies and interregional collaborations for the implementation of concrete pilot projects and actions in order to participate together in the next European projects.


About the partnership

It is remarkable that the main objective of the Partnership on Sustainable Buildings is, indeed, to create an alliance between European regions to boost new markets and take advantage of regional opportunities for specialisation.

The partnership is led by Junta de Andalucia (Spain) and North Great Plain (Hungary). Furthermore, 47 other European regions from 22 different countries are currently participating or have shown interest in joining.