CLEAN project partner, the Region of Crete adopts the European energy policy, which aims at saving energy, increasing energy efficiency and thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Towards this direction, the Region of Crete implements European projects that focus on energy saving, energy upgrading of public sector buildings and open innovation in energy technologies, involving as many regional stakeholders as possible for making the public sector a field of application of modern practices that save energy and resources, ensure the energy future and respect the environment. 


Other projects

The Region of Crete is involved in REBUS project – INTERREG EUROPE with the aim of improving the capacity of public authorities to undertake efficient renovation works in their building stock, thus saving energy and public resources. The huge potential for energy savings in the public building stock is hampered in each phase of the local authority energy renovation process: planning, implementing and monitoring. These problems all stem from a basic need in public authorities: to raise awareness and build skills on energy related issues among civil servants.

The Region of Crete, as a project partner, will develop an Energy Renovation Path (ERP) for sustainable energy in public buildings, which reinforces the reduction of energy consumption in public buildings and the consequent better use of public resources, creates better jobs in public sector (highly qualified) and new jobs related to the renovation sector (buildings, ICT tools). 


The Region of Crete also implements the SHERPA Project – INTERREG MED. One of the key objectives of the project is to set up 200 project proposals for Energy Renovation in Public Buildings. 100 energy renovation proposals will be carried out on public buildings in the Mediterranean regions involved in the project. Another 100 proposals will be selected in the municipalities of these regions. All these projects will be implemented according to specific findings, guidelines, tools and strategies. 

In the Region of Crete 10 buildings have already identified, according to specific selection criteria. Through the project an integrated Regional Strategy on energy efficiency in buildings will be developed, engaging all public entities in Crete to a common regional target.