The CLEAN project has participated in the Policy Learning Joint Event on Energy and Resource Efficiency in Seville (Spain), taking place on the 17th and 18th of October. During the day, attendants have addressed the topic of low-carbon economy and have reviewed the innovation projects under this field, including CLEAN.

More than 100 people from similar organisations (Interreg Europe project partners, representatives of the managing authorities of Structural Funds programmes and other policy actors working with any of the two event topics, energy and resource efficiency) have registered to share experience and learn from each other. The attendants have had the opportunity to hear about the latest EU-wide developments in these sectors, share experiences, collaborate with each other and test the services of the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform. 

Erwin Siweris, Director at Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat, has welcomed the participants and has highlighted the opportunities of sharing good practices and the benefits of interregional cooperation. Afterwards, Cristobal Sanchez, from Andalusian Energy Agency (hosting region of the event), has expressed that the event is a good chance to jointly develop projects. “Andalusian region has been working for years on energy efficiency. Our commitment is based on the Energy Strategy for Andalusia 2020. It aims to implement a new energy model based on sustainable use of resources, energy savings and efficiency”.

About the Platform

Luigi Lo Piparo, Thematic Manager for the Policy Learning Platform, thinks that “cooperation is quite relevant in the way to solve the problems”. “Tackling challenges affecting our cities, regions, EU member states is difficult, as it often requires to change the way we are doing things. The Policy Learning Platform is an awesome tool to make this change happen through mutual learning and cooperation”. He has spoken about changing behaviors, persuade and convince to find solutions on low-carbon economy and energy efficiency. He has also pointed out that it is necessary to connect people to find solutions to solve problems and enrich the analysis of these ones.

In this way, the platform will help to spread Good Practices further, boost program results and increase impact of policy learning. “The program believes that to set up a team of experts, it’s necessary to build a community", has said the Thematic Manager. 

Presenting a Good Practice from CLEAN

Ianire Renobales, from ERNACT (lead partner of the CLEAN project), has presented one of the 29 identified best practices. She has spoken about the Energy Management System implemented by Donegal County Council (Ireland). Afterwards, she has received feedback from thematic experts regarding the incorporation of the good practice into the policy learning platform.

Apart from that, Rob Williams, Thematic Expert of the Policy Learning Platform, has offered an overview of the approved projects highlighting interesting approaches. Regarding our CLEAN project, he has explained the challenges identified through our project:

  • Building refurbishment
  • Policies to promote energy efficiency
  • Behavior change
  • Combinations of technologies 

The CLEAN project has also participated in a policy exchange session to rank similar practices and see how they compare. Attendants have revised a problem from the hosting region, identifying issues related to engagement, such as, stability, training, pilot projects or communications. Moreover, participants have discussed around topics regarding policies like: tax reductions, grants or regions assuming risks.

Interreg Europe will allow soon to upload the Good Practices to their platform to improve own policies, access expert guidance / support, develop our expertise and meet like-minded practitioners. 

Learn more about the Policy Learn Platform.