The objective of the Energy Neighbourhood project is to bring the ‘Kyoto Protocol’ closer to the people by organising a bet between the community and their citizens to save at least 8% of energy during a six month period compared to the previous year.

How does it work?

Eight to twelve households form a team, the so-called ‘Energy Neighbourhood’ and compete with other neighbourhoods in saving energy and winning the bet offered by the cities. If they save at least 8% of energy compared to the previous heating period, the municipality awards them a prize.

Each team is coached by an ‘Energy Master’ who pulls the team together and provides the right incentives. The cities together with the project partners play the role of referee and supporter, by informing their citizens on how to save energy, providing tips, organising get together and information events and ensuring that the team abide by the rules.

CLEAN project partner, Les 7 Vents took up the challenge, with 8 families accepting the challenge of reducing their energy consumption. The 7 Vents animated the approach on behalf of the social housing estate Calvados Habitat.


The results show that it is possible to have a large impact on energy use and climate protection while saving money. The results are inspiring; teams achieved an average energy saving of 10%. The winning team from Sweden managed an impressive 37% through simple and cost-effective measures such as using energy saving lamps, disabling standby and changing their behaviour.

The experience shows everybody can save energy, it is easier than expected and often the main trick is to keep up the motivation.

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So many valuable ideas for your portfolio ... and for the Planet!