Cooperative Les 7 Vents, CLEAN partners from France, have hosted a stakeholders meeting to present our low-carbon economy project and discuss about opportunities and good practices around it. The event has taken place in the city of Caen, in the region of Normandy. Over 50 attendants could also hear about the CLEAN partnership and the figures and phases of the project for the upcoming 5 years.  

Our project partners have presented to the audience their good practices, concerning the energy efficiency of buildings. Furthermore, they have highlighted the main ideas about the best practices that have taken place in the rest of the project partner regions, around Europe. 

Learning about the French participation in the project

In order to engage with the attendants, representatives from Les 7 Vents have highlighted the role of the stakeholders group, explaining that these people will be responsible for facilitating the successful improvement of the policy instrument in their region.

Our partners also got the opportunity to speak about their progress on ongoing activities, exchange of experience opportunities and communication and dissemination efforts. They have also explained the role of their Cooperative within the project, including:

  • Organize biannual meetings with local stakeholders
  • Organize the production of a document that serves as a point of reference on energy efficiency in the Region
  • Document good practices and action plan
  • Link with other regions and facilitate study visits, staff exchanges and thematic workshops
  • Facilitate peer reviews
  • Coordinate the finalization of the regional action plan.


Apart from that, our French partners have informed the attendants about the project Launch Conference that will take place in Caen next month.

Find out more about the Launch Conference.