CLEAN project partners in San Sebastian city (Spain), Fomento San Sebastian, have presented the initiative to the local Smart Cluster members. This meeting was integrated in the annual Smart Cluster meeting where principal stakeholders of the Energy Efficiency sector can participate, including R&D entities, universities, companies and SMEs.

Fomento San Sebastian shared general information of the project with the people participating in the meeting, including, project objectives, partners involved (regions and municipalities), budget, duration and programme funding (coming from Interreg Europe). 

In addition, Project Management, meetings/events procedure and general calendar was explained to the attendees, that means: 6 monthly consortium meetings, study visits to the different regions, Staff Exchange and 6 monthly Local Stakeholders meetings. In particular, the next study visit to Caen (Normandy) was presented to the participants, with the aim to actively involve some stakeholders in the project and to check the interest in the Good Practices to be visited in Caen (very connected with the building retrofitting). 

Afterwards, project expected outcomes were explained. On one hand, San Sebastian's Good Practices that have been already presented to the consortium (SmartKalea initiative, Replicate Project and Enertic Building); on the other hand, the Regions Situation document and finally, as final outcome of the project, the Actuation Plan to be done. 

Furthermore, communication management was explained during the meeting, showing materials and channels of communication of the project. 

It must be highlighted that after this first stakeholders meeting, some entities and companies have already showed interest in the project, and in particular, in the next visit to Caen in October 2017. More detailed information has been sent to these entities to see the real interest and their availability to attend that meeting.