The CLEAN project partners have started to involve the regional stakeholders into our low-carbon economy project. For example, our partners in Naples (Italy) have hosted the first meeting to discuss about 'Energy Efficiency in Private Residential Buildings' in the Campania Region (Italy).

ANEA Director Michele Macaluso highlighted the good practices, incentives and opportunities in the field of Energy Efficiency in buildings and Martina Di Costanzo Project Manager for CLEAN presented the CLEAN project; a description, objectives and main outputs.

Furthermore, Umberto Montella from the National Association of Building Administrators (ANACI Campania) spoke about the situation of residential housing in Campania Region and Angelo Grimaldi from the National Association of Italian Energy Service Companies made a energy diagnosis as a tool for the analysis the situation.

Apart from that, Daniela Segreti from National Association of Builders (ANCE Campania) explained how to acces to funds for construction companies and Domenico D’Auria from the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI Campania) talked about a Sustainable energy action plan ‐ SEAP. To finish with the meeting, Felice Fasolino and Daniela Rigrelli from the Institute for finance and the local economy of Campania Region focused on local rules about the energy efficiency in buildings.