Sustainable Development Company, Motiva, has organized the national Energy Saving Week (5-11 October 2020) in Finland. This year’s topic focuses on how to identify equipment and systems that cause major energy consumption. Energy Saving Week raises Finnish awareness on energy use and methods to increase energy efficiency and achieve savings in workplaces, schools, transport and at home.

A major cause of high energy consumption in Finland is heating buildings. Reduction of room temperature even by one degree, can result in far more reasonable energy consumption. People must rethink their behaviour and make small changes to reduce the energy consumption. This change is required not only for climate change effects but also financial benefits that come from reducing energy use. For example, a small but important action is to switch off the lights when people leave the room.

As a part of Energy Saving Week, Motiva launched a competition for organizations to seek out expertise in energy issues. The activity aims attract interest by spreading knowledge of energy saving in a funny way. CLEAN project partner The Regional Council of North Karelia joined the competition to learn more about energy saving themes. The National Energy Saving Week is a good way of paying attention to this important theme in different ways.

During the Energy Saving Week, Motiva provided lots of information about energy saving and the possibilities for each person to make sustainable choices. Organizations that joined the Energy saving week campaign had a great opportunity to make behavioural changes and support energy savings in their organizations.

For more information visit Motiva website!