The CLAY project partner "Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia" invited the Local Stakeholder Group to a meeting on the 18th of August 2020 to discuss the Good Practices introduced in the project and to give insights for the Regional Action Plan. This meeting was organised following a hybrid model that enabled the possibility to participate either physically or virtually.

While contents of the GPs were reviewed with interest and consideration on which practices best would work in our region, it was agreed that another meeting would be needed to focus more on the Action Plan. Therefore, a second part of the meeting was held on the 9th of September. As the virtual working model was found very useful, the meeting was held as an online meeting only.

In this latter meeting the stakeholder group discussed more in detail the different possibilities for actions levelling regional needs, the project Good Practices, stakeholder roles and resources. It was generally stated that, instead of large-scale development measures, it is important to concentrate on smaller steps that are needed to support the ceramic sector to improve its level of innovativeness and position in the creative economy ecosystem in the region.

The two meetings contributed richly to the preparing of the first draft of the Regional Action Plan that will be presented in the fifth International Learning Event coming up on 23 Setember.