The first week of March saw the CLAY Mid Term Event fulfilled with a workshop meeting and an opening of a ceramic exhibition in Seinäjoki city centre.

The 1-day workshop meeting was held on 3 March at the Frami meeting centre. It brought together numerous actors of the ceramic field from different corners of the South Ostrobothnia region, some even from beyond the area.

The workshop participants were invited to reflect and discuss their experiences in ceramics in pairs and small groups. After the lunch break, the workshop method was taken to the next level, as actors were challenged to examine possibilities to develop the ceramics field in the region. To spark conversation, the attendees were presented with outcomes of the CLAY regional surveys on the topic.

The workshop method proved to be fruitful. Results of the discussion will be sent to the participants to reflect on, but they are of great interest also for developing the CLAY project further in the South Ostrobothnia region.

After the workshop meeting each participant handed in their selected pieces of ceramic art, functional wares and decoration. These were collected and transported to a location in Seinäjoki city centre, where a retail store space was turned into an exhibition room for the CLAY Pop Up ceramics exhibition. 

CLAY Pop Up exhibition is available for public audience from 6 March to 24 March. This exhibition adds extensive visibility to the ceramics field in the region in an innovative way. Already during creating the exhibition numerous passers-by stopped to have a look at the objects and to talk and share their viewpoints.

First news item about the exhibition was published on 4 March (Seinäjoen Sanomat). More information about the exhibition will be available on Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia website and on RCSO Facebook Events.