The event, held in the frame of Palazzo Candiotti in Foligno (Italy), focused on presentation of CLAY Project regarding what partners have already done. The purpose of the event was to share the objectives of the project in order to find Good Practices to realize innovation on the ceramic sector. 

For this reason, the event was referred to all local stakeholders that work in ceramics: entrepreneurs, representatives of trade associations, designers, researchers of University and entrepreneurs of other sectors that could play an important role on innovation on ceramics.

During the event, Umbria region reported the previous partnership meeting in Finland and informed stakeholders on the needs analysis that the CLAY partners have analyzed.

Moreover, the event aimed at sharing innovation strategies that the stakeholders are implementing in the ceramic sector (or other relevant fields). In fact, Umbria region cooperation with the University showed progress in the direction of innovation.

Above all, the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology explained an important innovation which concern the firing process of clay that could be very important for SMEs in terms of lower costs.

At the same time, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering showed a possible contamination of the ceramic sector with the design sector: they realized some prototypes of jewelry made out of ceramics.