Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund) presented the CityZen initiative at the international conference "Urban agriculture as a strategy to increase the quality of life of urban communities", organised by the Institute for the study of societies and knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The conference was the closing event of the research project on urban agriculture. It was planned as a live event in Sofia, but due to COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be "moved" into the virtual space. The conference participants made their presentations in the form of self-recorded videos. The videos are posted on the project web page and accessible to the wider audience. Comments and questions are welcome in the project forum!

ARC Fund’s team made a video, in which they present (in Bulgarian with English subtitles) the CityZen project and its views on urban farming, CityZen goals, activities and partners, advantages and challenges of urban farming in Sofia, potential urban farming business models, and some ideas about what CityZen project, urban farmers and municipal authorities could achieve if working together to further develop the urban agriculture in the Bulgarian capital.

ARC Fund’s conference video can be seen here.

Picture credit: ARC Fund