Aveiro university and ITS Romania had a staff exchange meeting in Aveiro from 21 to 23 of February 2017, where some of the most pertinent issues of CISMOB Project were discussed and analysed, and gathered some knowledge of the work and research that has been made in Aveiro University, as well knowing the evolving reality of the Aveiro as well Portugal mostly about Porto.

The first day was about general discussion where Mihai Niculescu from ITS Romania had the opportunity to visit the partners from University of Aveiro as well had a tour of the different facilities at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation where Jorge Bandeira and his team work.

The second day started with a working group focused on the first deliverable of the project, the Baseline Assessment Report – BAR. Mihai Niculescu, Jorge Bandeira, José Paulo Santos and Pavlos Tafidis discussed about the structure of the BAR and the methodology to analyse the impacts of different ICT measures on transport based on existing measurements and case studies. The second major topic was about the technical papers that have to be developed in the next period of the project.

The third day of the program began with presentations from the UA staff about their research activities in the transport field. Margarida Coelho introduced the Transportation Technology Research Group as one of the groups within the Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Aveiro. In this chapter was highlighted the development of technology to support cycling mobility.