As a new transport authority, the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Coimbra (CIM RC) plays a key role in the implementation of the CISMOB pilot action. On 25 May in Coimbra, the representatives of CIM RC hosted the UA team, and a local public transport private operator (Transdev) to discuss technical issues regarding the implementation of the real-time information prototype in buses operating in the city of Cantanhede and in a regional service to be selected. A second meeting took place with those responsible for implementing the GIS platform of the CIM RC that will collect in real time the position of the various buses equipped with the CISMOB prototype.

Simultaneously, teams from the University of Aveiro and Stockholm University are drawing up a preliminary survey on citizens' perceptions regarding the usefulness of the various platforms for disseminating information in real time. These results will be important in fine-tuning how real-time information will be transmitted to users across multiple platforms (web, smartphone, conventional calling, and bus stop monitors).