After an overview of finance and communication issues carried out by the management team, the representatives of each partner discussed the most recent advances regarding the implementation of their action plans.

Romanian partners have made a detailed presentation on the local actions that are being taken in the framework of the action plan for policy instrument. We are glad both Romanian partners are working hard to implement successfully the measures planned in the action plan and within the planned schedule.

In addition to improving the ROP 2020 towards more efficient use of transport infrastructure based on ICT, CISMOB good practices related to smart ticketing and real-time information are inspiring the implementation of some measures in other strategic policy instruments such SUMP of Bucharest

Please check in the library section more details about the Action plan implementation
LP also presented the advances in the implementation of the action plan for Centro Region, namely the pilot action. 

The new prototype of CISMOB GPS tracker is already running in buses of Cantanhede city urban line and Paradela – Coimbra intercity line and is now possible to see in real time the location of the bus. Two solar e-panels will be installed in the bus stops of Roxo Cantanhede and Coimbra, and surveys about how citizens value real-time information technology are planned to be disseminated in earlier September.

Finally, CISMOB partners discuss the organization of the final conference of the project that will be hosted by LP on November 13th at the University of Aveiro in Centro Region, Portugal.