The National Programme for investing in efficient and sustainable mobility (MOVES) of Spain was launched the last 8th of March.

45 million euros is the budget for the encouragement of efficient mobility in Spanish regions. The Government has published the regulation for the investments in purchasing electric vehicles, the development of a bike rental system, the installation of recharging points for electric vehicles and the implementation of the Transport to Work Plans.

One of the main objectives of this Programme is to tackle the increase of CO2 emissions, promoting the reduction of fossil fuels in Transport. Spain rose these emissions 4,4% in 2017, the highest since 2002. The MOVES programme meets the requirements of Directive 2014/94/UE of the European Parlament and the Council of Europe, which establishes that the Member States must develop a National Action Framework for the implementation of alternative transport and its infrastructure.

In addition, there will be 15M€ more for the development of singular and sustainable mobility projects in World Heritage City, cities with high levels of pollution and located in the Islands and electromobility innovation projects.