CISMOB 2nd phase is devoted to implementing and monitoring the action plans, and our PPs from ROMANIA are joining efforts to improve the addressed policy instrument and to further promote e-mobility.

A first approach is to promote actions for the renewal of the electric bus fleet in Romania as a way of decarbonization.

At this moment, several activities have been conducted. For instance, in April 2018 the Ministry of Regional Development in cooperation with Jaspers and POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest organized in Bucharest a workshop about investments in low emission vehicles for public transport fleets.

The focus was on discussing how the Regional Operational Programme (OP) can be used to finance such investments. The event was attended by representatives from many Romanian cities, from the European Bank for Reconstruction, from JASPERS. One representative of ITS Romania (CISMOB PP) also attended the event.

Another example is that the Ministry of Regional Development decided to organize a common national tender for electric buses and charging stations on behalf of several cities.

This is done to support the cities so that they don’t have to prepare the tender documentation on their own or go through all the administrative procedures. It is also a way to harmonize and correlate the technical specification and requirements at the national level.

There is, however, some flexibility for cities to also organize a tender on their own. The funds come from the OP. One city has organized a tender on its own and 2 others bought the buses using Swiss funds.

These are great news and show how CISMOB PPs have committed to implementing GOOD PRACTICES learned during CISMOB 1st phase in their policies.