On 31st January, CISMOB team had a productive meeting with the Head of Urban Network unit of Centro Regional Operational Program - CENTRO2020 Dr. Bernardo Campos to discuss the action plan implementation for the policy instrument addressed in CENTRO REGION.    

We are proud to announce that some of the actions foreseen in the ACTION PLAN are already implemented. An important outcome is improved management of the programme based on new criteria for evaluating projects submitted in the area of intelligent transport systems. 

For example, the promotion of real-time information for public transport and availability of information in open data format integrating information from several operators and different means of transport will be valued at the call of 2019.

There is also an additional focus on the promotion of ICT solutions to support the mobility of vulnerable users and the prioritization of the implementation of cycle paths based on historical safety data.
These improvements are a result of GOOD PRACTICES learned during the 1st phase in other PP regions such as Stockholm, Extremadura, and Romania.

A crucial point is that new projects will be evaluated taking into account more realistic targets for CO2 reduction. This will not exclude small-medium scale ICT-based projects which will contribute to the decarbonization of the transport sector.   

Using calculation tools and examples available in the CISMOB AGENDA "ICT towards low carbon and sustainable mobility - a multiscale perspective" it was possible to establish in a more rigorous and realistic way the targets of CO2 emission reduction in each municipality.

The progress in implementing the PILOT ACTION in the municipalities of Cantanhede and Penacova was also discussed.