Optimization of the pedestrian cycling network, take actions to promote behavioral change towards sustainable mobility and promote electric mobility at the local level are the main concerns behind Águeda Action Plan. Several actions have been implemented following the measures proposed in the Action Plan designed during the CISMOB Project 1st phase.

A trip planner called “Águeda OpenTripPlanner” was developed in the context of the promotion of walking and cycling. The platform points out the location of the main building, commercial services, bus and train stops, walking and cycling trails, and suggests the best path to take.

CMA, in partnership with other local companies, are creating a carsharing platform (in the first phase with one electric vehicle) in an effort to raise the rate of occupancy of the vehicles and reduce the number of vehicles in circulation.

A further step in what concerns e-mobility, a Mobi.E charging station already exists in the city of Águeda, and two more are in progress.

Another important measure included in the Action Plan is inspired by the project “not boring connected bikes” implemented in Kista, Sweden, which was considered as a GOOD PRACTICE.

The idea is to incorporate sensors to measure electrochemical sensors of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and optical sensor of particulates (PM10), etc., in bicycles, which are seen as an in-motion sensor. Data are then used to explore applications and to use models that can exploit ICT technology, involving the civil community in the program and ultimately, generating higher use of this transport mode. This measure will be implemented during this year.